Leer Jetta was born and raised in Harlem, New York and is the fourth oldest to elven siblings. His mother who is a big fan of hip-hop –exposed Jetta to the sound, rhythm, and the rawness of Hip-hop & R&B, which led him to develop and experiment his creative love and passion for music. 

Jetta started writing music at the age of thirteen, and truly discovered his craft and artistry at the age of fifteen and was writing non-stop from there on. 

By the year 2000, Leer Jetta and his brother started a rap group named The Clap Fam which included his cousin, and two other inspired rappers - one from Yonkers and the other from the Bronx. 

Several months later, a demo by Jetta and his brother was giving to an A&R  named Overseas, from a mutual friend of the two – who then gave the demo to D-Block Producer Vinny Idol, Who noticed the potential of the brothers, and quickly started to work on their development, The two brothers eventually brought in their remaining group members into the mix – The group started to work on projects, but however due to differences within the team – each of the young men decided to head their separate ways. 

In the summer of 2005, A childhood friend introduced Jetta to aspiring producer Daniel Knocks, The two quickly became friends and formed a label company. That is when Jetta found a new sound in the world of music and  a brand-new avenue of creativity and inspiration. 

The duo begin to work on projects and started to perform in shows throughout the city of New York. The duo was a smash success, but however, Jetta wanted more and was heading on a spiritual journey, He knew that his lyrics should be about uplifting others and the message he was preaching wasn’t a part of his calling, he felt the lack of substance in his lyrics, and that is when Leer Jetta decided to take a break from music. Daniel supported his friend and the duo went on their different paths , Daniel moved and started a family living in the ATL, and Leer went on his self-discovery. The company was no more, but the two still remained friends till this day. 

While taking a break from his true passion, Jetta started to connect his relationship with God even closer, he started to understand the purpose and vision of what his calling was meant to be, that his message was not meant to be selfish and materialistic, but was meant to inspire others and build strong bonds between people, also to know that you can accomplish your dreams, as long you place God in everything you do. Leer Jetta's goals in the music industry are to use his platform to spread the message of hope, restoration, and to stay true to the creativity and the roots  of hip-hop. Leer Jetta knows that he cannot conquer this high mountain by himself, He just hopes that once he hits mainstream that he opens the door for another upcoming artist to follow suit 

 Welcome to the Freedom Life Mission! A new me, a new start with a purpose.